acli e. V. — the self help organisation for intercultural work

In the mid-1980s in Stuttgart, the acli e. V. — abbreviation of the German full name “ACLI — Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit e. V.” — has been founded by the acli in Germany with the objective, to promote employment by specific activities and measures. For quite some years, in theWaldkirch manufactury of fresh Italian pasta created job and learning opportunities in particular to women with a migration background. The focus was kept on a sustainable development of education and professional qualifications of the staff here as well as a sensitive and marketable use of informally acquired knowledge and intercultural competences. In the last years the acli e. V. has promoted quite a number of cultural an social initiatives of, for and with people with migration background in Freiburg im Breisgau and in Baden-Württemberg.

The acli e. V. take over the leadership ot the project in January 2011 and will so guarantee the necessary professional and organisational experience and continuity of a commitment in educational work promoted for more then 50 years’ involvement of the Italian Christian Workers’ Movement acli in Germany. Since the mid-1960s, it undertakes the workers’ education with a focus on vocational training, integration and intercultural education for people with a migration background. The so called binational projects — BiPRO, FENICE, zip.EuroCompetence — and BQN Stuttgart are particularly significant on a regional level: an innovative educational and work-biographical use of international expertise has been implemented among young migrants and, in cooperation with the municipality of the capital, first steps have been tested in networking and organising coordination within the transition system (transition from school to work) for young migrants. In many occations acli e. V. puts forward very successfully innovative approaches and projects on local, regional, national or transnational level.

An Activity Report 2009 to 2010 is available.


Further Information

acli e. V.
Jahnstraße 30
70597 Stuttgart

Contact person:
Mr Norbert Kreuzkamp
Phone: +49 7071 793333
Fax: +49 7071 793339
Mobile: +49 177 4866600

Bank account:
Account owner: acli e. V. — Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit
Bank institute: Baden-Wuerttembergische Bank Stuttgart (BW|Bank)
Account No.: 4555087
Bankleitzahl (BLZ): 600 501 01
IBAN Code: DE75 6005 0101 0004 5550 87

Account owner: acli e. V. — Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit
Bank institute: Volksbank Tübingen eG
Account No.: 38737000
Bankleitzahl (BLZ): 641 901 10
IBAN Code: DE34 6419 0110 0038 7370 00





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