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European Good Integration Forum

Napels, 12 and 13 March, 2015

Second transnational symposium on improving local practices in the reception of refugees in Europe.


German economic model from a Mediterranean perspective

Bari, 4 and 5 March, 2015

At the invitation of the SPEGEA Business School, we shed light on federal German strategies in the fields of vocational training, social dialogue, internationalisation within the framework of two master’s courses for prospective managers.

Escapes to Europe

Ragusa, 24 to 28 February, 2015

Together with participants from the project, we develop biographical strategies for the successful arrival of refugees in a “conditionally defensive” Europe.


Sustainability of the Green Economy

Lille, 12 and 13 February, 2015

Launch conference of the ACROSS project. Partners from Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands compare European strategies in the field of environmentally friendly technologies and the promotion of relevant and sustainable key competences for a green economy.

acli | LET

Social Dialogue in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart, 9 February, 2015

The Social Dialogue Working Group in Baden-Württemberg is planning joint future projects.


acli in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart, 7 February, 2015

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the ACLI in Baden-Württemberg


Catholic Workers’ Movement

Frankfurt am Main, 26 January, 2015

Meeting of the ACLI with the Catholic Workers’ Movement of Germany (KAB).


A Poor church for the poor people

Katholische Akademie Hohenheim, 9 and 10 January 2015

Norbert Kreuzkamp, Pasquale Peduto, Giuseppe Tabbì and Duilio Zanibellato participate in the annual conference of Catholic associations in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart on the topic of the poor church.





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