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The European Network TANDEM PLUS


Constitution of the network

The European network TANDEM PLUS was founded and registered in Lille (France) on 3 November 2008, under the applicable law of 1900th, as a European non-profit organization. The network now comprises partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.


Short presentation

TANDEM PLUS draws on the experiences of different European countries which are faced with serious problems of social exclusion and poverty. It consists of partner structures from multiple disciplines which work together towards finding solutions to these problems by pooling their human, technical and financial resources.

Exchanging information on methods and experiments has lead to improvements in the different inclusion policies adopted by the different countries, thereby elaborating new working methods. Participating structures share their experiences and develop trans-regional socio-economic policies by associating a whole spectrum of actors from economic, political, social, socio-cultural, educational and research fields. Together they weave a multi-faceted partnership, working towards the social inclusion of the target groups.

Drawing on the collective experience of all the actors involved in order to highlight the most positive and enriching experiences, we work to develop and improve the inclusion process for those target groups most at risk. This collaboration further confirms the legitimacy of our missions in the regions concerned and leads to better recognition of our actions, not only by the government institutions of our respective countries but by the European Union and international institutions as well.

The network’s partner structures have chosen to coordinate their actions in view of designing, developing and implementing new scenarios and new pathways to trans-national co-operation, while still respecting one another’s specific missions.


The tasks of the European network

The task of the network TANDEM PLUS is to develop policies and strategies appropriated to solve the problems of social, political and economic integration and to help disadvantaged young people and promote the principles of social cohesion and access to employment for all.

The member organisations of the network TANDEM PLUS work primarily on the following common objectives:

  • Promotion of gender equality (gender);
  • Combatting discrimination of all kinds;
  • Conducting studies, research and analysis in the areas of social policy, labour market and the formal and informal lifelong learning;
  • Promotion and dissemination of information and knowledge on social policies at European level;
  • Establishment of the network as a recognised player in the European Union;
  • Development of specific individual projects in the field of social inclusion;
  • Promotion of measures for the conservation and restoration of European cultural heritage;
  • Development of implementation of projects in the areas of vocational education, promotion of employment and local development;
  • Promotion of inter-cultural exchange;
  • Development of measures to support young people with fewer opportunities or disadvantages;
  • Testing new models and methods of integration of disadvantaged groups;
  • Networking with the other international players, clubs and associations.

The member organisations and the network TANDEM PLUS have relevant experience in Network Building, in education and in the implementation of European projects.

Download: The statute in English or French language.



  • Lille (France), 25 – 27 January 2007:
    First meeting with the objective to transfer the experiences of various cross-border cooperations by buildung a continuous network.
  • Granada (Spain), 17 – 20 June:
    Approval of a common proposal of statute and presentation of joint projects.
  • Lisbon (Portugal), 23 – 24 October 2007:
    Revision of the statute and formalization of intentions of partners.
  • Lille (France), 18 – 19 February 2008:
    Approval of the Statute by the founding members. Decision on allocation of tasks and organization of the network. Official signing of the Constitutive Act at tje city hall of Lille.
  • Rome (Italy), 15 – 17 June 2008
    Development of organizational structures.
  • Granada, 13 – 14 October 2008:
    Official signing of the founding statute of the Diputación de Granada. Election of the founding Board of Directors: Mr. Daniel Rougerie (President), Mr. Francesco Calmarini (Treasurer) and Mr. Norbert Kreuzkamp (Secretary).
  • Lille (France), 4 November 2008:
    Registration of the European Network TANDEM PLUS at the prefecture in Lille.
  • Pitesti (Romania), 5 June 2009:
    General Assembly. Election of the new Board of Directors for the next three years: Mr. Samir Amor Teba (President), Mr. Francesco Calmarini (Treasurer), Mr. Norbert Kreuzkamp (Secretary), Ms. Pilar Cuevas, Mr. Michal Páleník, Mr. Dumitrou Chirlesan and Ms. Janne Hansen.
  • Zagreb (Croatia), 17 – 18 June 2010:
    General Assembly.
  • Hellerup (Denmark), 9 – 10 June 2011:
    General Assembly.


The member organisations

Actually the European network TANDEM PLUS is composed by the following non-profit organisations and local authorities from Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain:

  • ACLI —
    Selbsthilfewerk für interkulturelle Arbeit e. V.

    Olgastrasse 57a
    70182 Stuttgart (Deutschland)
    Phone: +49 711 60174620
    Fax: +49 711 60174660
  • Actions Intégrées de Développement (AID) Hainaut Centre
    Association sant but lucratif (ASBL)
    Organisation d’insertion socioprofessionnelle (OISP)
    rue des canonnier 1, 3° étage
    7000 Mons (Belgium)
  • Associaçao nacional para a acçao familiar (ANJAF)
    Rua do Salitre 185
    1250-199 Lisboa (Portugal)
    Phone: +351 21 3845690
    Fax: +351 21 3867775
  • Association ADELMA
    Immeuble Youssef Ibn Tachefine, 2° étage, n° 5
    Avenue Youssef Ibn Tachefine
    90000 Tanger (Morocco)
    Phone / fax: + 212 39 321418
  • Diputación de Granada – Red de municipios
    Calle Periodista Barrios Talavera 2
    18014 Granada (Spain)
  • Fédération des Centres d’Insertion
    Centre Vauban, Entrée Lille, 2° étage
    201, rue Colbert
    59000 Lille (France)
    Phone: +33 3 20121751
    Fax: +33 3 20554274
  • Grandski ured za zdravstvo, rad, socialjalnu zastitu i branitelja
    Sluzbene stranice Grada Zagreba

    Trg S. Radica 1
    10000 Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Instituto Municipal de Formación y Empleo (IMFE)
    Horno de San Matías 4
    18009 Granada (Spain)
  • Inštitút zamestnanosti (IZ)
    Povraznícka 11
    81105 Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Instituttet for Blinde og Svansynede
    Rymarksvej 1
    2900 Hellerup (Denmark)
  • Municipio VII di Roma
    Via Palmiro Togliatti 983
    00153 Roma (Italy)
  • OESSE — Officina Sociale
    Via dei Papareschi 11
    00146 Roma (Italy)
    Phone: +39 06 5803084
    Fax: +39 06 5898758


Further information

European Network

Centre Vauban
201, rue Colbert
59000 Lille

Phone: +33 3 20121751
Fax: +33 3 20554274

Contact persons:

Mr Samir Amor Teba, President

Ms. Stéphanie Abis, Project Leader






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